1 Pair Self Heating Knee Pads for Pain Relief Arthritis Injuries


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1 This knee brace is made of high quality composite cloth. The fabric is soft, elastic, comfortable and breathable. It is good for the uniform force exerted on the fat without the feeling of compression.
2 This knee brace is made of Tomaline. It has the characteristics of self-heating, comfort and warmth. It can relieve the muscle after sports injury, relax the muscle tissue and relieve the muscle pain after sports.
3 This knee brace has a super hook and loop fastener design, sticky and durable, can be used repeatedly, and not easy to fall off. You can adjust the tightness according to your needs and maintain comfort.
4 Inlaying magnets helps improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, clears the meridians and enhance immunity.
5 The knee support can reduces excessive motion and vibration during exercise results in improve the flexibility of the knee.
6 If you insist on wearing this kind of knee brace for a long time, it can relieve muscle tension, at the same time, it can also correct posture, which is conducive to health.
7 This kind of knee brace has fine workmanship and precise sewing, which makes the surface of kneepad smooth, comfortable and long service life.

Material:Composite cloth
Type:Knee Support
Package included:
1 pair of self-heating knee supports

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