Memory Foam Leg Protection Pillow for Hip Knee Leg Night Pain


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Relieve unnecessary stress and strain on spine, hip, lower back, knees, legs, etc. Research suggests that putting a knee pillow 


in between your knees can help you achieve the right alignment when sleeping sideways, and thus support the healing action 


of muscles & ligaments at night.



A more relaxed posture during the night can definitely help improve your sleep quality and let you feel better the next 


day – eliminating one of the main reasons of pain and stress. Placing a pillow between your knees can help position 


your legs, and thus hips, knees and spine in an alignment that’s best for your body.


Pregnancy available: During pregnancy, use the pillow as a knee spacer while lying down, for better comfort and circulation. 


Easy to clean and disassemble: knee pillows are made up of hypoallergenic material and come with an easily removable 


and washable pillow covers, thus helping you maintain a high level of hygiene easily. Simply remove the cover and hand 


or machine wash at your preferred frequency. Breathable zippered cover ensures the pillow does not get warm and is 


machine washable for easy cleaning.




Package Included:

1X Knee Pillow


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