Microcurrent Photon Laser Comb for Hair Loss


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This patented micro-radio and RF technologies are seamlessly adapted into this laser magnetic comb that has synergistic effects on hair health. It has 304 micro-beads to massage the scalp in a gentle but meticulous way, 6506-980nm red wavelength to treat specifically the scalp cells by slowly opening the blocked hair follicles. The RF micro-electrical technology is to get the cells absorb nutrients with 8000RMP micro-current vibration. It improves the blood circulation and effectively promotes the hair germinal reproduction environment.

For the hair loss of all causes, including seborrheic hair loss, postpartum hair loss, etc, Laser Magnetic Comb gives a stronger and healthier looking of hair. The improvement of quality and quantity of hair are visible in about two weeks, owing to the increased reproduction of hair germinal center cells. The improved micro-circulation and the local immunity environments of the follicular cells synergistically contribute to the healthy and beautiful looking of hair of all colors. The micro-current stimulates ions, dredge the clogged pores, and activate the follicles in the hibernation phase during active growth period. The improved cell metabolism better supplies hair nutrition by consolidating hair roots. Inflammation, even previously exist at very low level surrounding the hair roots, contributes to the sub-healthy condition of the hair roots. The daily use of about 15 minutes of this comb significantly reduces the local inflammation. The elasticity of hair also gets improved and hair tidiness and styling become easy to maintain .

In most males and some females, it regulates the balance of greasy secretion. These secretions from excessive swelling of the sebaceous glands is one of the causes of hair loss. Secreted lipids contain dehydrogenated testosterone (DHT) and grease acid, linoleic acid, etc, too much of which fatty molecules will make the hair follicles shrink even lead to atrophy, eventually cause hair loss with failure of regenerating the germinal cells. Small power laser in this comb is able to make the sebum cells shrink, balance the oily secretion, and therefore hair loss is reduced.



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Elelctric hair growth laser comb








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