Pelvic Floor Trainer for Bladder Control


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*Pelvic floor trainer trains the pelvic floor muscle groups; strengthen the contraction and relaxation powers of pelvic floor muscles; enlarge the muscular cells and make the muscle fibers bigger.

*Pelvic floor trainer functionally prevent and improve the urination holding functions of peri-urethral muscle groups; for urge incontinence, stress incontinence, mixed type and some overflow incontinence.

*Pelvic floor trainer is suited for all ages of females. In the younger age groups it is for buttock cosmetic purpose; in childbearing ages it can be for both cosmetics and prevention of incontinence in later life stages; in older or symptomatic age groups it can be for cosmetic and symptomatic improvement.

*Pelvic floor trainer can also be used for peri-vaginal muscle groups training.
*Overall Pelvic floor trainer provides anti-aging effects in pelvic floor muscles.

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